Get The Custom Neon Signs You’re Looking For

If you’re looking to purchase a High-Quality Custom Neon sign with the exact design you’re looking for AND at an affordable price, at Neon Signs Depot we pride ourselves to providing the quality and finish you’re looking for.

The Two Types Of custom neon signs We Work With

Custom neon signs have a significant difference when you compare it with any other sings you may be looking at.

It’s built “from scratch” based on your specific requirements and needs.

Whether you have an idea that you want to bring to life, you’re working on an event or project that needs specific requirements, or maybe your business is unique and you want to create something amazing from your Logo, custom neon signs will accomplish what you’re looking for.

This means you can choose your own colors, shape, size and even choose between real neon or LED neon (you can find the difference between them by scrolling down to the next section). 

The Two Types Of custom neon signs We Work With

The difference between Custom Signs and non-Custom

One of the main differences between customizing your own sign and purchasing one that it’s in store is the production time. If we have a sign in the ware house we can usually ship in 48 hours, a custom sign has a longer process as it’s built from scratch.

When it comes to custom, we need to take into consideration 5 steps:



This is the process from receiving your idea, logo or draw to tweaking what’s needed and reviewing it with you.



This is when we get it to production and actually build your sign (or multiple if you’re looking for a production run).


Quality Control 

As we go through process, we perform Quality Control to make sure everything is up to the higher standards and works great.



We safely pack your sign to protect it from breakages and then ship it to your door (or where you want it to be shipped).



You enjoy your custom neon sign for years to come and probably brag about it with your friends or customers.

Last But Not Least

Before you start with the process, here are a couple of other things that you need to know about our custom neon signs:

  • If by any chance the item arrives damaged, we’ll send replacements to make it work.
  • If the item arrives in good condition, we cannot offer refunds. The reason is because we can’t store it and resell it. We work hard to bring your ideas to reality so we cannot offer refunds.
  • Our custom neon signs come with mounting hardware and chain for hanging and an 8′ cord ready to plug-in. You don’t need complicated set ups. As easy as unpacking, hanging, plugging, start using and bragging!

As mentioned before, we offer production runs. Our custom neon signs production runs start at quantities of 5 and will be discounted accordingly.