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What are neon signs used for?

Neon signs (LED neon and Glass) are commonly used for neon lighting. This allows messages, images, and signs to be seen and noticed from the distance. They’re also commonly used by businesses, homeowners, bars, restaurants, parties, and even cars. This type of neon sign is still prevalent in today’s signage industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Neon Sign?

High Quality custom made signs can cost from 102.70 to $585.00 depending on the type and style. Available sizes range from 8″ x 14″ to 20″ x 32″ but they can go all the way to 6 feet or more.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Neon Sign?

The average cost to run and operate a neon sign is about 20 cents per day if you have it running 24/7.

This is because the average sign consumes only about .8 amps ( 8 tenths of an amp).

This is approximately 96 watts which mean running a neon sign is about the same then running a single light bulb

How Is Neon Used In Lights?

Rarefied Neon is the most used gas in neon signs. When a glass sealed tube gets filled and high voltage electricity is used to make the electrodes ionize the gas, you have the characteristic glowing effect a neon sign make.

Are these signs dangerous?

The short question is no. If you use your glass and LED neon sign how it’s should be used and mount them properly, using them shouldn’t be a problem. There is a higher risk with a glass neon sign than with LED neon sign because of the materials they’re built with. Don’t beat up your glass neon tubes and you’ll have long-living signage.

What is in a neon sign?

A neon sign is described as a sign used in businesses or marketing that brings a bright light to attract eyes and bring a distinctive differentiation to these businesses or events. They’re also used in events, and personal use, homes, parties, and others.

Why are signs so expensive?

A neon sign expensive because they’re manually built and require experience and craftmanship. The Glass ones are more expensive because they require the bending of glass neon tubes and trapping of gas. The LED are more affordable because they use LED and silicone tubes.

Do neon signs use a lot of electricity?

The average glass neon sign will consume 2.5 times more wattage than LED neon signs. That means LED neon light is around 60% more efficient. In addition, LED works with a 12-volt current compared to 120 volts on Glass.

Are they waterproof?

While the general neon sign usage is for indoor usage, there are multiple methods to make neon signs waterproof. However, this makes the signs more expensive, although it also makes them be a feature difficult to match!

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Made With The Best Quality In Mind

If you are looking for a way to draw customers to your business add brightness to your event or room, neon signs are a great option!

A Neon Signs Depot we build high quality and handmade neon signs your customers or friends will talk about. We also work with wholesale neon signs

LED vs Glass, what’s the difference?

Both generally called “neon signs” or neon lights, they are similar in nature but different in characteristics.

They’re both built to bring a luminous neon sign to your business, event, garage, or home but there are multiple elements that need to take into consideration.

Glass signs are made from glass and a rarefied neon or other gases. Electricity flows through the glass via the electrodes and that makes it glow.

They were very popular in the US from the 1920s to the 1960s but they’re still widely used for people that want the “vibe” this type of signs bring.

An LED neon sign is different in multiple areas like brightness, energy consumption, materials and durability.

In addition, they emit little heat, to the point that can be touched by the hand without risk of getting burned, unlike glass signs, which can heat up considerably and burn.

LED neon signs don’t contain gasses inside and are built using an LED neon sign and a silicone tube which creates a very bright and glowing light.

No matter what neon lights you chose (LED neon or Glass neon), our shop focuses on providing a quality sign with great neon light.

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