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  • Beer Mug Neon Sculpture

  • Beer On Tap Neon Sign

  • Chopper Neon Sculpture

  • Custom Neon Sign

  • Deco Open Neon Sign

  • Horizontal Neon Open Sign

  • LED Open Sign

  • LED Open Sign (Injection Mold)

  • Motorcycle Neon Sculpture

  • Open Neon Sculpture

  • Route 66 Bar Neon Sign

  • Route 66 Motel Neon Sign

+ What Are They Used For?
They are commonly used for neon lighting. This allows messages, images and signs to be seen and noticed from the distance. They’re commonly used by businesses, homes owners, bars, restaurants, in parties and even cars. This type of lighting is still prevalent in today’s signage industry.
+ How Much Does It Cost To Make A Neon Sign?
High Quality custom made signs can cost from 102.70 to $585.00 depending on the type and style. Available sizes range from 8″ x 14″ to 20″ x 32″.

Taking size into consideration, you will find sculptures starting at $77.94 with the average cost at $125

+ How Much Does It Cost To Run A Neon Sign?

The average cost to run and operate them  is about 20 cents per day if you have it running 24/7.

This is because the average sign consumes only about .8 amps ( 8 tenths of an amp).

This is approximately 96 watts which means is about the same then running a single light bulb

+ How Is Neon Used In Lights?

Rarefied Neon is the most used gas in neon signs. When a glass sealed tube gets filled and high voltage electricity is used to make the electrodes ionize the gas, you have the characteristic glowing effect they make.

Made With the best quality in mind

We have over 1000 LED, Neon Glow, and neon open signs in stock. If you are looking for a way to draw customers to your business you must have a neon open sign in the window. An NeonSignsDepot sign will set your business apart from your competitions.

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