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Custom Neon Signs And Neon Lights For Businesses & Individuals

No matter if you're looking to build a personalized design for yourself or want to get a professional business sign, Neon Signs Depot is here to bring quality and affordability to your signage needs.

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Quick Facts About Custom Neon Signs


For as little as $250 all the way up to $1,000's we have prices for small to big projects alike.

Minimum Order Quantity

Order one neon sign if you'd like or enjoy bulk and wholesale savings if you order more than 5

Avg. Turn Around Time

3-6 weeks from order placement to delivery (depending on quantity and complexity) 

Customize Your Entire Neon Sign

Create an personalized or on-brand, custom neon sign for your business, event or personal space. Build your unique signage to make your space shine.  These are customized, from-scratch manufactured signs that allow you to customize everything about your neon sign, from the shape, to the color and type of light.
Here's a glimpse of what you'll be able to customize with Neon Signs Depot

Custom Neon Signs Type

Choose between simple letters, logos or a mix of both to make your custom neon sign come true.


Letter Neon Signs

For you if you have an epic phrase, something that inspires you, an event, or signage with letters.
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Logo Neon Signs

For brands, logo ideas, or cool designs (trademarked items need the brand's written permit).
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Custom Neon Signs Shape

You can have your sign backing cut to shape, rectangular or oval to fit all your needs.


Cut to shape

The most popular shape across the board giving the signage a slick look.
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Mostly used for hanging in on a window or glass door, or for a broad look.
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Oval / Circular

If your design is oval or circle like, this is the shape for you.
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Back Acrylic

Choose between black and transparent for high contrast or a slick view


Open Rounded V1 Transparent 20x20


For an elegant and subtle sign most used for installation with color-dense backgrounds.
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Open Rounded V1 Black 20x20


For a high impact sign to back contrast, usually to hang on windows or clear walls.
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Popular Custom Neon Signs Categories

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Bar Signs

Bar signs are here to improve your bar's visibility inside and outside.
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Beer Neon Sign Pour beer 24x20

Beer Signs

Whether you have a bar or are a beer lover, these are the signs for you.
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Open Signs

Open for business? An open sign is perfect to let everyone know.
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Love Signs

Spread the love, love yourself, love others, get a neon sign.
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Top Sellers

Custom Designed

Our custom designed neon light signs are the great for businesses and individuals alike.

Whether you're looking to create a unique business sign, cozy atmosphere in your living room, add a vibrant touch to your workspace, personalize your bedroom, or build a touch of light to an event, our neon signs are tailored to reflect your unique style and taste.

We work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that each sign is a perfect representation of your personal aesthetic.

With a range of colors, fonts, and sizes available, the possibilities are truly endless.

FAQ About Custom LED Neon Signs

These following are general answers, and specifics can vary based on the provider and the exact type of sign you're interested in.

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Our mission is to bring beautiful signage to businesses, establishments, and individuals and make the world brighter.

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