We focus on Quality and Affordability for Businesses and individuals alike.

Company Foundation

01 January 2018
After trying to find affordable and high quality Neon signs for a project, and seeing the lack of options and availability, we decided to create Neon Signs Depot in an effort to fill the gap in the market.

Expanding Signs

17 February 2019
After dabling and testing what was the best approach to serve businesses and individuals, we decided to build one of the biggest repository of high quality neon signs designs.

Tough Times

20 March 2020
When COVID hit we had to rethink the business and we decided to get rid of all inventory, and partner with the best factories across the word by building sings on a per order basis.

Improving processes

1 June 2021
After the business started to grow, we build multiple internal processes to improve our production process and efficiency while keeping quality in mind.

The Future

01 January 2024
While we're not in 2024 as we're writing this yet, we're planning to improve the website and add multiple tools so the users can have the best experience ever.
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Our mission is to bring beautiful signage to businesses, establishments, and individuals and make the world brighter.

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