Neon Beer Signs

Our high quality and affordable Beer neon signs are perfect for bars, mini-bars, beer enthusiasts or for a great gift. Visit us to see our selection!

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How to hang beer neon signs?

The process of hanging your beer signs is very easy because we provide a mounting kit in all of our beer and other signs. You may need to make a hole in the wall and have a power source nearby in order to power it up.

Do I need additional elements?

Nope. You’ll have all you need to have a perfectly functional neon beer sign when you hang it as explained

How to clean your neon’s sign?

You can use a wet cloth to clean the beer signs. It is IMPORTANT that you UNPLUG the sign beforehand so you don’t get electrocuted. Like everything else, electricity and water don’t go well together.

Always remember to unplug your sign first

Who buys our beer neon?

There are two main individuals that buy our neon beer signs.

Bar, restaurant, hotel owners

It works great to set it up on specific areas of your bar or restaurant as well as in the windows to let everyone know you have the golden liquid available.


To use it indoors, a home bar, garage or anywhere you want.

Where to buy our signs, beer and neon?

Here at our own online store, you can buy as many signs as you want or we have in stock.

Beer signs made in the US?

We ship all of our signs from the US!

How to repair your sign?

Usually, a local shop that deals with beer neon signs is the best way to go. We sell neon tubes for replacements but depending on the damage we may or not may be able to repair it.

Cheap neon signs?

We have affordable signs!

Where to hang your sign?

You can hang it on a window, a designated part of your bar, restaurant or hotel, in your home or wherever you want.

How much does it last?

It depends on how you treat them! They can last 10 years or more!

Treat them well and they will last

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