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love my neon sign!

love my neon sign!! Carl has been incredibly helpful answering my questions and helping me with mock ups when designing my sign. Price was also one of the best. highly recommend. Check more reviews here


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Looking for a “better together neon sign”? Are you a better together person or an alone is the best? Maybe you like Jack Johnson’s great hit? Check our multiple colors and sizes. We have better together neon signs in three sizes and multiple colors (if you want another size or font, please contact us or go to the custom neon signs page).

Sizes (approx – inch): 15″ x 11.2″ | 20″ x 15″ | 25″ x 18.6″
Colors: White | Yellow | Orange | Red | Purple | Pink | Blue | Dark Blue | Green

Easy to install.

This sign comes with all the components needed to have it perfectly installed as well as all the electrical components needed to function for a long time.

You will be able to unpack your sign and hang it without professional help or additional components.


  • Shipping.
  • Acrylic black background for maximum visibility (if you want transparent, please add a note in your order).
  • Standard 12 volt transformer & 6-foot clear power cord.
  • Hanging hardware (standoff screws) OR chain.
  • 1-year factory warranty.
  • Indoor use only.

No Breakage Shipping Guarantee – We use special packaging to ensure your sign arrives in perfect condition.
Our LED Open Signs are quickly becoming the newest rage in neon to LED technology.

Our Neon LED open signs are designed to look identical to the traditional neon version of the sign.

The advantages of our Neon LED technology:

  • It’s brighter than traditional neon.
  • It uses less power than traditional neon.
  • It won’t break or have costly repairs in the way traditional Neon does.
  • It produces little to no heat.
  • It has long term durability.

These are not your typical LED open signs. They look like neon with the advantages of LED. Try one today you will not be disappointed!

Why Choose LED Signs?

Our proprietory LED sign technology allows you to have a neon sign that is more durable, bright and needs less care and has a longer life span than traditional glass signs. It doesn’t contain glass and it’s more energy-efficient than traditional signs.

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