Deco Open Neon Sign

“Was extremely pleased with the LED sign. Colors are very vivid and looks like traditional neon. Packaged very well for shipping.” – Matt T., USA


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Please note: The final product may have color differences compared to the images on the website or mockups.

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Our shipping time is 3-4 weeks. We don’t have our signs in stock because we have thousands of designs and make them on a per order basis.

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? How it works

Our amazing LED signs are easy to install and operate, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to mount them. They are beautiful and loved by our customers!

Deco open neon signs have multiple color options, can be LED or glass, and can have a transparent or black background. Our Deco Open Neon Signs are ideal for businesses to shine when open. This sign will be visible from outside and allow people passing by know you’re open for business.

It has a modern design ideal and it’s been built to hang inside your business, to be shown from a window or glass door.

Features multiple colors, multiple back styles, and two styles (LED neon and Glass Neon).


Click here to read the full description and how LED Neon and Glass Neon compare.
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  • Sizes (inch): 29" x 15"
  • Colors: Multi | Green-Purple | Green-Red | White-Purple | White-Green | Red-Green | Green-Blue | Purple-Green | Pink-White | Red-White
  • Back Colors: Black | Clear/Transparent
  • Sign Styles: LED Neon | Real Glass Neon

Easy to install. 

This sign comes with all the components needed to have it perfectly installed as well as all the electrical components needed to function for a long time.

You will be able to unpack your sign and hang it or install it without professional help or additional components.


  • Shipping
  • Acrylic black background for maximum visibility (if you want transparent, please add a note in your order).
  • Standard 12 volt transformer & 6-foot clear power cord.
  • Hanging hardware (standoff screws) OR chain included.
  • 1-year factory warranty.
  • Indoor use only.

Please note: We’ve done our best to represent color and sizes to the best of our ability, but real signs colors will be slightly different because images cannot represent true real colors (pictures don’t do a great job either).

Sizes may also have slight variations.

No Breakage Shipping Guarantee - We use special packaging to ensure your sign arrives in perfect condition.


Our Neon LED Deco Open Sign are quickly becoming the newest rage in neon to LED technology.

Our Neon LED Deco Open Sign signs are designed to look identical to the traditional neon version of the sign.

Main features of our Neon LED technology

  • Price: $$$
  • Tech: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Warmness: Bright feeling
  • Brightness: high
  • Fragility: sturdy
  • Maintenance: low maintenance
  • Accessibility: On and off switch
  • Recyclability: normal
  • Life Span: long
  • Placement: indoors and outdoors
  • Energy efficiency: efficient for small signs and efficient for big signs

These are not your typical LED Deco Open Sign signs. They look like neon with the advantages of LED. Try one today and you will not be disappointed!


Our Real Glass Deco Open Sign has the traditional look and feel of real Glass neon with its traditional look and installation.

Our Real Glass Deco Open Sign signs are designed with craftsmanship and the traditional blowing glass process.

Main features of our Real Glass neon signs

  • Price: $$$$
  • Tech: Glass fluorescent tube with gas.
  • Warmness: warm feeling
  • Brightness: medium
  • Fragility: fragile
  • Maintenance: high maintenance
  • Accessibility: On and off via switch
  • Recyclability: Special needs (gas tubes)
  • Life Span: medium
  • Placement: Indoors
  • Energy efficiency: efficient for small signs. Not efficient for big signs