Custom Neon Sign for


L.H. Hayward & Company, LLC

This is your personalized product page. After the payment is submitted we’ll proceed to get the signs into production. We’ll continue with Quality inspection, packaging, and shipping to your door. We’ll be communicative during the whole process.

This is the final price for 7 signs with all the elements to hang it and including 7 dimmers to control the brightness of the signs and how they change the dining areas ambient. 

$3,000.25 $2,529.00

Based on the information provided, these are your custom LED neon sign specs.
Sign Usage Indoors
Location Hanging on the wall for inside view – dining areas
Sign Type LED Neon
Type of background: Acrylic
Backgorund Style Black
Boxed? No – Cut to sign shape
Color: Red, Green, White
Quote: $2,529 – 7 total signs
Size 24″ x 22.6″
Included 7 Dimmers (screw into the wall type), Plug, screws or chain for hanging

Warranty 1 year

$3,000.25 $2,529.00